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Refrigeration units are among the basic elements of catering equipment. They ensure freshness of products and hygienic conditions for food storage, which translates into the quality of dishes and their depth of taste and aroma. 

Arktic was created with a view to raising standards in the catering market. We want food to be safe from bacteria. After all, there is nothing better than fresh food, which customers value at every step. 

Our basic assortment includes refrigerator and freezer counters and cabinets. However, this is far from everything. We also offer blast chillers, valued on the European market by many restaurateurs, as well as ice cube machines. 

Before you feel the taste of dishes, they should draw your attention. That is why a display is so important. In our assortment you will find a wide range of refrigeration and confectionery display cabinets. They are built in various shapes and configurations, so that they fit your interior design as closely as possible. 


Arktic is constantly expanding its product offer thanks to its growing experience. We want every restaurant, ice-cream parlour, café, and even a grocery store owner to find the product ideally suited to their individual needs. We look at catering in a broad sense. We don't focus what is impossible. We want to FIND THE BEST SOLUTION FOR YOU. 

You can find us in majority of European countries e.g. Austria, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Poland, Greece, Romania etc. Regardless of where you are in the world, quality is what counts in catering. This, for us, is the most important


  • Arktic koelvitrinekast 58L wit - 233610
    € 471 399,00
  • Arktic koelkast met 2 deuren Profi Line 1240 liter- 232125
    € 2995 2.545,00
  • Arktic koelvitrinekast 58L Zwart - 233627
    € 470 399,00
  • Arktic RVS vriezer met enkele deur Profi Line 670 liter
    € 2095 1.780,00
  • Arktic RVS Koelkast enkele deur Profi Line 670 liter - 232118
    € 1895 1.610,00