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Caravell, Frigor & Vibocold - Five decades of experience

The genuine Danish quality products are now gathered again in their original stronghold in Viborg Denmark.
More than 50 years of experience in meeting global customer needs within domestic and commercial refrigeration is at your disposal.
Wide range, attractive branding and strong logistics

We offer a wide range of unique solutions from our strong portfolio.
You can put together the optimal combination of products for your needs and get them attractively decorated and branded for exactly your purpose.
Our strong logistics ensures delivery at the agreed location to the specified time.


  • Kwaliteit vrieskist - inhoud 110 liter 431,00
  • Kwaliteit vrieskist - inhoud 182 liter 521,00
  • Kwaliteit vrieskist - inhoud 272 liter 606,00
  • Kwaliteit vrieskist - inhoud 381 liter 633,00
  • Kwaliteit vrieskist - inhoud 461 liter 783,00
  • Kwaliteit vrieskist - inhoud 557 liter 851,00