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We offer high quality, not only in our products, but also in the support of our customers. A strong, reliable team of employees is ready to assist you if you have any questions about our products. You can expect all requests to be handled immediately and with great care. You can communicate with us in many languages and always rely on our strong technical knowhow.

Tefcold was founded in 1987 by a small group of people with a strong knowledge of the refrigeration industry. More than 25 years later our success is still based on a powerful concept, but also on a strong partner relationship with our customers and the knowhow and dedication of a strong and loyal team.

We may not be the world's largest producer, but we see ourselves as an innovative and reliable supplier of quality equipment.

Tefcold has continued to grow throughout the years, despite the weak economic climate in the worldwide industry, and we intend to keep growing. 1st June 2014 we moved into a new and larger domicile close to the previous address in Viborg, Denmark, and this has already made deliveries from our warehouse even more efficient.

  • Bedrijfskoelkast met dichte deur en ... 745,00
  • Diepvrieskist met glasschuifdeksel e... 525,00
  • Diepvrieskist met glasschuifdeksel e... 615,00
  • Diepvrieskist met glasschuifdeksel e... 695,00
  • Diepvrieskist met glasschuifdeksel e... 985,00
  • Glasdeur koelkast, tefcold 780,00
  • Glasdeurkoelkast met 2 schuifdeuren ... 2.720,00
  • Glasdeurkoelkast met 2 schuifdeuren ... 1.985,00
  • Glasdeurkoelkast met 2 schuifdeuren ... 2.110,00
  • Glasdeurkoelkast met 2 schuifdeuren ... 2.230,00
  • Glasdeurkoelkast scu 1220 685,00
  • Glasdeurkoelkast scu 1280 735,00
  • Vrieskist cf 200 met gesloten deksel... 485,00
  • Vrieskist cf 300 met gesloten deksel... 540,00
  • Vrieskist cf 400 met gesloten deksel... 580,00
  • Vrieskist cf 500 met gesloten deksel... 645,00
  • Vrieskist cf 700 met gesloten deksel... 995,00