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A concept: flexible, yet resistant, of pure lines, functional. Innovative, but encompassing the constant force of genuine experience. A concept of stainless steel that materialises in the most beautiful forms and impeccable lines, with the essentiality of the professional kitchen.

Since 1992. A.L.INOX has been crafting stainless steel into perfect geometries devised for foodservice, manufactured with catalogue listed or customised dimensions, adapted to irregular walls or to the special requirements of the operators. 

Intelligence, capability and experience render A.L.INOX highly competitive, providing quality, precision of estimates - and reduced production time: an absolute winner.

Professional kitchen systems for the sector's operators: professional, but created also for those who love to entertain.

The soul of steel is A.L.INOX.

  • Alinox blastchiller - capaciteit 3 x gn 2/3 2.832,00
  • Alinox blastchiller - capaciteit 5 x gn 1/1 4.632,00
  • Pizzawerkbanken 3 deuren en 1 ladensectie 4.685,00
  • Pizzawerkbanken, 3 deuren en ladensectie 5.840,00
  • Saladette - alinox - 2.5xgn1/1 2.318,00
  • Topkwaliteit koelkast - alinox 1330 liter inhoud 3.820,00
  • Topkwaliteit koelkast - alinox 617 liter inhoud 2.515,00