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INFRICO is a leading spanish company in the production of industrial cold equipment. Technological vanguard and certifi ed quality are the guarantees that vouch for our commitment to innovation: generate the best ideas and solutions for each client

Customers all over the world and a great quota in the national market, the company is situated in the fi rst line of the sector, with a very profi table position with respect to its competitors as for market volume and coverage.

With 12 delegations in national territory and 9 in France, Portugal, Maroco, Chile, UK, USA and Centroamérica, Infrico closely attends the needs of its clients in a punctual way, with an effi cient and fl exible production system.

The Infrico’s Production Centre is one of the most modern industrial installations of Spain. The plant has a total surface of 40,000 square meters dedicated to production and an extension of 60,000 square meters for logistic activities; an investment effort that complements the incorporation of vanguard technology to offer the best solutions in cold equipment.